The shift has happened. Expectations are high. Who is going to deliver?

There’s going to be a lot of
brand loyalty up for grabs!


Clean Culture is a customer experience research & strategy consultancy focused on making clean/greentech and sustainable products more understandable, usable and desirable.

Clean Culture assists companies in understanding the new cultural psychology they're operating in, and how to strategize and position in this shifting environment. The shift is not just the use of the technology, but how the technology is applied to products and services that will turn consumers into customers.


We evaluate new technologies and business ideas for usefulness, understandability, and aesthetics for the appropriate audiences and use media to accelerate understanding and acceptance in the mainstream. Specializing in:


Our clients are investors, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and product managers from companies of all sizes and industries. Our current research focuses on companies designing and/or manufacturing products more sustainably. If your company is doing this, we’d like to talk to you! Please feel free to contact us.

What makes us different?

We represent a convergence of expertise — years of designing businesses and brands, online and offline, coupled with broad knowledge of sustainable business:

About Terry Swack

How will you make this transition and capitalize on the marketplace?
Terry Swack
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Terry Swack, Founder & CEO, is a 25–year veteran of the design and technology industries, a leading experience design strategist and an environmental entrepreneur. The focus of her career has been to make complex ideas and new technologies useful, usable and desirable.

In 2005, Terry founded and The Beam (now, a venture-backed Web 2.0 marketplace for consumers, manufacturers, and service providers to power the demand for clean and green products and services.

In 2002, she became a founding team member of StillSecure, a network security software company. As VP Customer Experience, in a unique partnership with the VP Engineering, they managed the product teams to bring three successful products to market in less than two years.

Terry’s first company, TSDesign, was an Internet strategy and product design firm founded in 1994. The development of the User Experience AuditSM in 1996, was the first offering of its kind and positioned the company as the industry leader in design analysis and user experience strategy. TSDesign was acquired in 1999 by Razorfish, a global digital services provider.

Terry is a popular speaker to business, technology and design audiences on designing effective digital business systems and the brand experience; and now on sustainabililty, business and culture.

Checkout Terry's interviews, presentations and conference participation:

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Hollywood Goes Green Conference: "Panel - Shades of Green: Extending Your Consumer Brand to Become Green" with:

  • Tom Feegel, CEO and Founder, Brand Neutral
  • Arthur B. Weissman, Ph.D., President and CEO, Green Seal
  • Sherry Beall, Host and Producer of Healthy Planet, Healthy Me! and Founder and CEO of At Home Naturally

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Down:2:Earth - An exploration into sustainable living.
Boston | March 28-30, 2008